Michaël Cadilhac <>
Assistant Professor at DePaul University::School of Computing
Post-doc at Univ. of Oxford::Automated Verification
Research associate at University College, Oxford
Post-doc at Univ. Tübingen::Theoretische Informatik
Ph.D. in computer science from Univ. de Montréal::LITQ
Graduate from ÉPITA::LRDE and from Univ. Paris Diderot::LMFI

I am an assistant professor of computer science, specializing in theory. I defended my thesis on semilinear constraints in automata in Spring 2013, then had two stints in Tübingen, Germany and Oxford, UK, before joining DePaul. My research interests revolve around:

  • {descriptive, computational, circuit} complexity
  • {language, automata} theory
  • the interplay between these subjects and algebra
  • …with applications in machine learning, verification, and databases

I have a number of hobbies that include:

I am always on the lookout for brilliant students and postdocs; if you are interested in the topics above, please don't hesitate to reach out.